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The arowana fish is a formidable hunter in the natural habitats. Putting it within a container with other fish had proved to be a difficult try; arowanas are meat eaters and highly territorial. However, learning how the arowana acts in the wilderness, one might be equipped with the skills concerning how to always keep arowanas in harmony with some other fishes. One factor, as what had already been said, is its territoriality. An arowana does not want any other arowana in sight, for they will most likely contend and combat together — something a seafood keeper will not desire to occur. However, it was demonstrated that in groups in at least 4 or five fishes, the aggressive behavior are subdued.

Another thing with the arowana seafood is they it enjoys meat; they are carnivores. Driven by its all-natural impulse, consequently, one currently recognizes that its likely to devour smaller and much more susceptible fish in the container. Understanding that, one should, whenever possible, keep your arowana away from smaller sized fishes. This does not necessarily mean, nevertheless, the arowana is supposed to stay alone. One factor we can use for the tank’s advantage is that the arowana is really a surface feeder; it spends almost all of it is time in the surface area.

Given specs about different varieties and types of domestic fishes, one is must discover center and base residents to select an arowana. For example, fishes such as the blue ram, dwarf cory, or snowfall tetra is not going to only bring colour to some tank, but in addition end up being great buddies because they are center residents. Furthermore, bottom feeders like the janitor fish is also a good companion not only to the arowana fish, but also for the seafood keeper as well; it will help with the maintenance.

Who considered that a huge strange fish will draw in a large number of admirers and enthusiasts? Just look at the arowana seafood and one will know why. It looks like the crust dragon, that is a sign of energy and great lot of money. Individuals connected this with all the art of feng shui and how could one harness its luck attracting energy. This is why in Hong Kong; the belief is strong that any kind or selection of the arowana generates good fortune and great energy inside a household. For this reason the trade for that arowanas is flourishing.

Most arowanas from the Oriental stock have vibrant flaming colours which can be much more identifiable with all the crust dragon. This is why people are going crazy over this arowana fish, but as a result, these are having smaller and smaller populations. In reality, the Asian varieties are being mini chipped to simply monitor them for the best ones may cost up to $6,000! Definitely the purchase price tells much of this seafood, because it requires specific treatment; they are certainly not the typical pet fish. They are recognized to be great hunters in the Amazon . com, along with a responsible dog owner is ought to not drastically alter that atmosphere in the arowana’s tank. Few may the figures be in the Asian stock, but more recent shares like the South American (nearer to the arapaima) and Australian (usually rusty gold) are bred now; all wbcrbw as beautiful but not really vulnerable.

Lots of people want the arowana seafood because of its thought auspicious capabilities, or simply because of its sheer beauty. This prospects numerous dog breeders to generate inferior and substandard varieties, all being directed by wishes for profits and funds. Sad this truth might be, this compels an ambitious hobbyist to get cautious with choosing the arowana to purchase.

The Arowana fish is easy to maintain, but hard to learn with regards to bringing out its best colours. Expose your Arowana’s true colours utilizing the simplest, laziest but a majority of efficient Arowana fish techniques.

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